Thursday, March 29

Layering Up and Getting Wooly

Fabletics jacket, Joe Fresh T, Cloud and Lolly necklaces, ASOS skirt
This is a favourite depth of winter outfit. Do you own a pair of woolly tights? If it get's cold as balls where you live I highly recommend running out and purchasing a pair ASAP. Layer those wooly friends up with an equally wooly, ankle length skirt.  Tuck in any top and compliment with a light jacket. Whalla. You're marginally warmer and a tad more stylish than you anticipated. Since I was rockin' a plain black T I dressed it up with some layered necklaces. If nothing else, I felt great and stayed warm. #goals.

Other revelations: sitting on my coffee table puts me in the perfect window light for portraits. You bet I'm gonna use this to my full advantage.

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