Tuesday, August 16

Creative and Colourful

Summer is in full swing, and I'm thirty pounds slimmer than I was six months ago which means I'm enjoying getting dressed again. This little blue number is from H&M and I was happy to dig it out of the closet and throw it into the mix. It has a cute crisscrossed back that's hard to get pictures of all on one's own. ;)

I paired the dress with some bike shorts since I was off on a wee photography job and was prepared to kneel down to get the shot. To protect my shoulders, I added a cardigan that's light
and breezy and colourful to boot!

I was excited about my hair. Usually, I just pin the top back when I want it out of my face, but on this day I twisted and twisted until  I had formed a small knot, then twisted it again in the opposite direction so I had two little twists. I pinned them down and they stayed in place all day! I thought it was adorably off center and just a little fancier than usual. ;)

It's been a genuinely weird summer, but one that's included more fun in the sun than I can remember. Getting outside, walking, gardening -- it's been a small joy to me and kept me from feeling idle during this season of unemployment. I'm also trying to focus on getting writing done and organizing my home, but sticking to a schedule and developing good habits isn't always easy! As a gamer I have a plethora of distractions that are easy to lose a whole day in, but I'm trying to keep gaming and tv-watching for after four, and be productive with my daytime hours.

How do you keep yourself busy and productive?
Dress - H&M / cardigan -  Anthropologie / bike shorts - Smart Set / necklace - gift / shoes, Keds 

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