Tuesday, July 26

Staying Productive At Home

It's no secret I've been unemployed now since the beginning of June. Honestly, it's starting to feel weird and the uncharacteristic productivity I experienced at the beginning is starting to wear off. These days, I find myself staying in my PJ's a little later every day and getting less house work accomplished. I started doing yoga every day at the end of May and managed to keep up with it for about a month but my dedication to that has also dwindled. I've been exploring ways to stay motivated and decided to make up a schedule to follow. Sometimes what we're missing in life is just a little self imposed structure. I threw together a cutsey pink and gold desktop calendar in Photoshop and thought you might like a go at it:

Free Printable
Feel free to open it in a photo editing program and add your to-do's, or print it off and write them in!

Here's what mine looks like:

It's important for me to break apart my house chores so I don't get overwhelmed. I tend to look at a messy house and want to crawl inside a sea shell and become a snail. By committing to a few specific days to do yoga and other activity I also avoid that horrible feeling of guilt that compounds every day I don't make it to the mat. As long as I can do it on the scheduled days, I'm proud.

Of course, I want to make some commitments for every day that I'm not working. Scheduling in an hour of art and 800 words writing allows me to do more if I'm feeling inspired, and avoid the guilt when I would rather play video games. As long as I'm meeting these minimums, I'm progressing in the right direction!

How do you stay motivated and productive?

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