Sunday, July 24

On Being a Tourist in Your Own City (and Pokémon Go)

A few weeks ago Nick and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary by having a wee staycation. We booked a hotel downtown and vowed to walk and take public transit, eat out, and go to shows just like we would if we were visiting a more exotic location. At the time, it was this novel, wonderful experience and we could never have anticipated that with the release of Pokémon go we would be spending the rest of our summer doing just that!

To start, some pics from our anniversary:

As it happened, Pokémon was released during this time of media blackout, but it wasn't long 'till our friends had us caught up.

We quickly realized a lot of the places we had stopped to take pictures (like the wall mural above, middle left) are now Pokéstops! I started collecting pictures of the local points of interest that are now Pokémon hunting spots, and I've been getting out and walking places I've never seen before! Can you believe that it took this app to get me down to the legislature grounds for the first time as an adult? I hardly can. Plus, I've walked almost 50km, and completed my first weight loss goal.

All pokestops in Edmonton. It's crazy how you never notice a wall mural 'till a Pikachu spawns under it. 
 In short, even if you're not out there catchin' 'dem all, it's amazing to get out and experience the city you live in. I had no idea how many parks, gardens, statues and monuments there are in Edmonton, not to mention wall murals and art projects. It's beautiful to feel connected to the city, and to the people I share it with! In the pictures at the bottom, you can see all the other Pokéhunters!

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