Thursday, March 31

Five Years and an Outfit

 My coworker Meagan took some pictures themed around athleisure for her blog, Flannel Foxes, and I nabbed some to share here as well. Fact is, I wear a lot of clothes that can be categorized as 'athleisure', because of the comfort they afford, and the fact I'm not dying to change into sweats the moment I get home. I like to mix comfortable joggers that have clean lines and dark, neutral colours, with a nice blouse or jacket. It's a great way to transition from the office to home, going out, or even walking the dog and I love the versatility.

These joggers are from Fabletics, but I also have a pair from Everlane, and more than a few from The GAP.

Did you know the blog turned five on Tuesday? Pretty crazy, huh? You might wonder why I haven't been posting outfits here very often anymore, maybe you've been wondering what's going on in my life, or maybe you're stopping by for the first time (if it's that last one, hello!). In any case, I'm going to take a few paragraphs to get real with you for a sec.

Last spring I went off hormonal birth control for the first time in six or so years, and over the next year I gained thirty pounds. Without mincing words, it was a sucky time. I've always been a very body positive person and I struggled to continue feeling that way whilst gaining weight. I didn't fully understand what was happening with my body and I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I stopped buying clothes, I stopped wearing dresses, and I stopped feeling comfortable in my own skin.

To make things extra fun, I found out last summer that I would be losing my job come spring (June 3rd, in fact is my last day). 

The whole time this was going on I maintained that I ate healthily, and that, since I had weighed the same for years and never changed my life style, the problem wasn't with me so much as my hormones. I didn't want to change how I lived, or give up the things I enjoyed (ie, playing video games and eating whatever I wanted).

Turns out I was quietly deluding myself. This spring I joined Weight Watchers and I've so far lost about thirteen pounds. After the first ten pounds came off I noticed a marked difference in my hormones, including experiencing regular periods for the first time all year (if that grosses you out, sorry, but get real with yourself). I know I need to increase my activity levels, but making a change in my eating habits has been as hard as it has been rewarding, and that's to say -- very hard, but very rewarding.

What does this have to do with athleisure you may ask? Well, not much. Not much except I no longer feel restricted to athleisure looks, because I'm beginning to feel comfortable again no matter what I'm wearing.

It's my goal to get back to my original weight from two years ago, when I got married, and I'm almost half way there.

The next few months are looking a little dicey, I am, after all, about to become unemployed, but I'm taking the same renewed confidence from my home life into my career hunt and I'm out there going for my dream.

All that is to say, I'll probably be posting more here about my personal life and outfits, but I've also started a new website where I'll be posting creative writing, game reviews, and hopefully interviews with gamers on diversity and representation in games -- themes that are incredibly important to me but that I haven't been as vocal in the past as I should be.

If you would like to catch up, check out my new website K. Jewell Writes.

Joggers by Fabletics, blouse from The Bay, shoes from Modcloth

 Photographer for these photos was Meagan from Flannel Foxes.

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