Tuesday, October 13

Inktober 2015

So my new found Tumblr community brought a special event to my attention recently. This year, I'm participating in something called 'Inktober', where you spend some time each day for the month of October inking some art.

I had never heard of this event, but when I was younger a pencil or pen were my original preferred mediums. Granted, that was a long time ago, I know my digital art can only improve through practice with traditional mediums. I'm super rusty. Haha, super rusty. I have been having huge amounts of fun though! Not only have I taken it as a time to practice my drawing fundamentals, but I've been colouring each piece in photoshop which has been an excellent chance to experiment and practice colouring quickly and not worrying about perfection.

I thought I would share a few of my inktober drawings so far. Most of them are commissions through Tumblr of other peoples Dragon Age Inquisitors (nerd alert). It's been great fun to have a lot of different faces to draw and practice on. I am feeling kinda bad for the few portraits first as I feel I've already improved a lot.

If you would like to see more, they're over at my art blog on Tumblr, K Jewell Art.

 Not all Dragon Age characters, this is my friend Meagan who was nice enough to send me a quote and let me draw her face!


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