Wednesday, August 5

Lola at the Cabin

Guess what today is? It's my pup Lola's second birthday. Girl is all grown up! She's such a sweet, well behaved pup. We still haven't managed to train the whole don't jump up on people thing. When she hears my mums voice she goes crazy and has been known to leap from the ground to eye level. She's super good with Tommy, our cat, and even though she would prefer to be out playing fetch, she doesn't mind an afternoon spent curled in bed. Last year she only got to visit my parents cabin once,  we didn't stay over night, and she was tied to a tether, but this year her recall has improved enough that we thought she could enjoy the cabin and the mostly wild terrain off leash. She behaved wonderfully, and really enjoyed it!

That's where these pictures were taken! It was rainy on the first day, but by the time the second day arrived it had cleared up considerably. Of course Lola didn't mind the rain one bit, she loved running the trails and smelling all the wild smells. She took several rain baths and was so tired and damp she even let me wrap her up in a blanket to keep her warm while she snoozed. On the second day she spent most of the time cuddling with Nick. We love our girl!

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