Thursday, July 30

Nerd Haul - Biowares Greatest Gift

It's hoodies -- Biowares greatest gift is hoodies. I don't know who is responsible for coming up with their merch, but whoever it is, they're geniuses. Whenever they come out with a new design I am falling over myself wanting to buy it. I'm beginning to amass a small collection of Bioware hoodies and Nick was an awesome husband and got me the Cassandra Armor Hoodie for my birthday in June. It's a little bit extra nerdy with it's armor shoulder details, but I'm kinda in love with it. Can't wait for fall when it's cool enough outside to wear it!

I bought Nick and I matching modern Inquisitor hoodies around the same time (THERE WAS A SALE OK) and Nicks been rocking his lately. Here he is giving a model pose:

I think we know where it's at.

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