Wednesday, June 3

Remember to Art

Where I have I been lately you may ask?

I've been busy arting! And reading... and of course playing video games.

My first digital painting!
Growing up, I had two equal passions. Writing, and art. I sketched and painted, and I filled notebooks with scratchy, rounded cursive in black ink. In high school, I focused on both of these pursuits equally, completing my own art show through my international baccalaureate art class. Time came to apply to universities, and I made the decision that writing would probably be more lucrative then art. It's worked out very well for me, I've been lucky to be employed as a writer since leaving university four years ago. Sadly, full time university, and then a full time writing career meant that I didn't have much time for art and the hobby gradually fell by the wayside.

Apparently -- nerdiness, creativity, and fandom seem to be intricately linked for me.

It's funny, I haven't loved anything as wholly and completely as I am loving Dragon Age Inquisition since I was a teenager, and being immersed in a fandom again led me to the 'normal' fan activities -- fan fiction of course, and fan art.

In the last three or so months I have shunned my usual social media: pinterest, facebook, and instagram,  in favor of Tumblr. I have stopped reading Gawker and the newspaper and started reading books instead. And I've started feeling something I honestly haven't felt since before I started University -- creative.

I've written a short story, started a novel, read four books, and completed three paintings. I attended a writing conference, and I bought a new laptop to hook up to my art tablet. Unplugging from many of the time sucks on the internet has allowed me to make more time for creativity and it's been great!

A portrait of one of my original D&D characters

I fully intend to continue blogging here of course, Light a Candle is the story of my life and I consider it a documentation of what's going on at any given time -- but posting will likely remain infrequent as I continue to devote every spare minute I can to digital painting and writing. I wanna get good guys, really good, and that drive has been sadly lacking from my life for too long.

If you want to hear from me more often, you can check out one of my three Tumblr blogs:

My personal Tumblr (mostly Dragon Age Fandom), my writing Tumblr, and my art Tumblr.

I do have a couple of personal updates and outfits in store for the next couple months, and I'm considering writing some book reviews to compliment my renewed interest in reading.

Till next time friends!


  1. I love - I repeat, LOVE - that you can let your geek flag fly but still be a pretty fashionable lady! I feel like people think you can only be one or the other and that's frankly not right. Being open about less traditionally "feminine" or "cool" hobbies is awesome and probably a little underrepresented on the blogosphere. Thank you so much for this post!

    1. Haha, thank you! I love to see people in the blogosphere with similar interests, so it doesn't make sense to hide mine. ;)

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