Tuesday, February 10

For: February 2015

Lo is a nickname my friend Beth coined for Lola. She was just tiny and new and I hadn't thought yet about nicknames or 'pet names' haha. Once I heard it it caught on, little Lo. Beths dog is named Halo and when I get home from work I say "Hey Lo" and Nick chides, "Wrong dog".

This month I am seriously coveting this shirt tail skirt from GAP, but I can't decide if I want it in dark navy or camel brown. The dark navy might be more prone to hair (and my dog is blonde, hello!) but more versatile in my wardrobe. Decisions.

The other thing I can't stop thinking about is the laundry sorter from IKEA. Up until recently we had a big three section laundry sorter that took up way too much room. This one is tall, but the footprint is very small. It's going to live in Nick's den and help me stay organized! I can't wait! We gave away our old laundry sorter as part of my New Year Purging and slow trudging move towards minimalism, and having piles of laundry with no where to go forced me to .... actually launder them. This is the first time in my adult life all of my laundry is done, even the sheets and the duvet cover. Even the towels. I have every single shirt, sock and underwear item washed and folded. It's like an adult-y miracle.

For Valentines day Nick is going to take me to IKEA, bless him. I can't wait to share our den makeover soon on the blog, the other day I finally assembled Nick's little IKEA sofa and it's completely changed the function of the room. Having somewhere for friends to sit and watch youtube videos ... is apparently what it was always missing. Still some tidying to do, continual work on the laundry closet, and Tommy (did I mention our cat broke his toe?) has a couple weeks more isolation in this room before we can kick out his litter box and get it nice and clean. Right now there is a wealth of cat toys in the den, haha, and Tommy has been the one enjoying the new couch the most.


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