Friday, January 30

IRL: Keep Going

Just popping in to say, guess what, January is almost over! Just a day and a half left to go. If any of you are trying to keep New Years Resolutions, keep chugging!

 A huge part of being successful is creating habits. You want to work out more, you have to put in the work until it becomes a habit, eventually it will suck less. Right?

Right now we're heading into our fourth week of budgeting and meal planning and let me tell you, it's a bit of a struggle. That's totally normal.

I've made, count it, one meal from our meal plan this week. The rest of the week we've been defaulting to some old standby's, pasta pasta and more pasta. I ran out of frozen pre-made dinners so my laziness has been answered with Mac 'N Cheese. Meanwhile, the groceries we actually bought with the list that I agonized over for days are languishing in the fridge. Not acceptable.

Equally frustrating, I'm on a huge organization kick and cleaning our house like mad (why I have no energy to cook) and I might have slipped up and spent a wad of cash on house stuff. I don't regret anything, but I wish I could have purged first and then saved for the storage solutions. I have a major desire going on for this awesome laundry solution I devised. Did you know that you can purchase items from Ikea online? I do. It's a problem. It's a serious struggle for me whenever I think about waiting a whole 'nother week to click "check out" but I know that it would be against the rules to put it on my visa. 

Anyway, the struggle is real and I just wanted to provide some realness to encourage you to keep going.

To forming better habits! *clink glasses*

Here's an encouraging printable for you:

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