Monday, December 22

Wrap it Up

Rising to meet some of my goals I'm coming to you now with an outfit for December!

Last week I chopped all my hair off and went dark. It wasn't supposed to be quite so dark, but turns out my hair absorbs colour like whoa,  SO the hair went dark. I'm actually really digging it, when completed with my new glasses I'm pretty unrecognizable! Haha. On this day the dark hair went up using another hair tutorial from Hair Romance. I've enjoyed having to get a little more creative with my up-do's since I can no longer put my hair in a top knot. This tutorial is my new top knot.

This dress is a year round favorite in my wardrobe. The first time I wore it to work one of my co-workers (I work with mostly guys) said I looked like a boat. Of course this is what he meant, and one must take these comments with a grain of salt.

The things that I like about this dress are as follows; The material is forgiving, flows away from the body and is cut in an a-line shape. The faux wrap waist is flattering and apparently camouflaging. I like to pair this dress with some neutral accessories and my Chelsea boots. This day I chose to go with a bit of an earring pop because of the updo! I think the turquoise looks awesome with the dark hair!

This past weekend we took Lola to the park 3 days in a row to make up for not taking her in awhile. We've been pretty focused on video games since Dragon Age came out, but a month later we're re-devoting our time to our favorite thing in the world -- our puppy. She's cool with whatever. Haha. Easy to please.

You probably won't hear from me again until after Christmas, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone, I'm wishing for a peaceful time to reconnect with what's important for this whole nation and our neighboring nations. I hope everyone finds peace this holiday season and that 2015 begins as a year of radical and peaceful change. Go out and love everyone you meet!

And with the weather appropriate sweater addition. Sweater The Bay, Dress Winners, boots Clarks (From the Bay)

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