Tuesday, December 16

Weekend Things

This past weekend we tromped out in the cold once more to take in The Festival of Lights at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. We got to see all kinds of creatures out and about including the snow leopard and some beautiful Arctic Wolves looking quite like they belonged in all that snow. There was a lot more to do then at the Devonian Gardens last weekend including many many light displays, a lighted maze and this gorgeous 'Enchanted Tree'.

Saturday we spent with friends, eating pizza and seeing  the movie Big Hero Six. Very cute, I especially recommend it for those with kids. It does deal with some heavy emotional stuff surrounding the death of a loved one, but these are important conversations to have. Funnily, my friend at work took his four year old and she loved it. He was all set to have the death talk with her and she didn't even really pick up on that stuff. Talk averted for a little while.

I, unsurprisingly, spent my spare time Sunday baking my favorite bagels and some spice cake doughnuts with maple glaze for our Sunday night dessert. Man, doughnut pans can be finicky. Last time I made this recipe it made seven doughnuts and they came out perfectly, this time I overfilled them a bit and made only six doughnuts and they stuck to the pan horribly. Oh well, still delicious! I somehow managed to burn all four fingers on my right hand during this baking session, haha. Fun tip, should you burn your hand (minor burns of course otherwise go to a doctor!) it helps to sit around with your hand in a bowl of ice water for several hours. Thanks for the tip Mom. ;)

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