Wednesday, December 10

The Very Best Joggers

 Joggers, a fashion trend that hit the highstreet some months ago has ladies and gents alike donning soft, sweatpant like trousers in places where sweatpants were formerly outlawed, like the workplace.

So Joggers, friend or foe?

Joggers: GAP/ Silk Blouse: Everlane / Clogs: Sandgrens

At least this pair of joggers. My search for the perfect ones went much as my search for the perfect boyfriend jeans did several years ago. I tried some on in stores -- they all looked hideous on me. I perused the internet for many moons and then, one day, I came upon these. I ordered a regular large from the GAP and they were a little baggier then I wanted, but overall great. I loved them so much I ordered a second pair in Navy -- this pair -- in a medium tall.

First of all, they're french terry, which makes them soft, warm and comfortable even in our Canadian winters. I can easily layer some tights underneath when it's really damn cold, but these are fine on their own most days. They have a soft, silky finish on the outside that somehow elevates them above normal sweat pants. An illusion reinforced by the quilted 'moto' knees and exposed zippers on the front pockets and ankles. The pockets are fleecy inside so I kinda walk around with my hands in them all the time. Important note, somehow the exterior of these joggers are resistant to Lola's hair. I don't know why or how, but check it, I only have one dog hair stuck to my leg.

I've already paired them with every top in my wardrobe and I wear them about two or three times a week (good thing I have two pairs, oops, I might have four pairs 'cause I kinda bought them in two other colours. Way to go GAP and  your 40% off sales!) I have yet to be asked at work if I'm wearing sweatpants in the office *sigh of relief*.

My ultimate trick for wearing joggers is to pair them with an activity appropriate top. On this day, I wore them to work and paired them with a silk blouse. On a Saturday I'll probably wear them with a comfy sweatshirt layered over a tank with a dipped hem. At work, I wear them with cute flats, or heels. On a Saturday I'll wear them with sneakers. They look (and feel) amazing either way.

PS. This is so far, my only outfit post of November/December. Haha. I used to be so good about this! Sadly, I have about a two hour window of sunlight in my living room at the moment and I happen to work during the day. Of course, my other reason is that I've been wearing some variation on this very outfit every day *shrugs* own it.

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