Thursday, December 11

New Look

For my face that is.
Turns out I am not immune to the affects of prolonged staring at a computer monitor and have proceeded to go blind.

Well, not actually blind. I've been feeling kinda blind since my eyes started to revolt in my head and cause me to wonder if I was insane, but after receiving my prescription from the doctor and exclaiming to my husband that I was blind as a bat he looked at my prescription and laughed at me. Turns out it is a very tiny prescription that barely even counts, but I'm still going to feel a lot better when I'm no longer aware of my eyes desperately trying to focus on things in the distance. I feel like a camera in low light whose attempts to focus are met with a strange and annoying grinding sound. Does your camera do that? My head camera does.

Cue the search for affordable eye wear. I hit up Bonlook and Warby Parker where I know the bloggers shop, but in the end I impulse purchased a pair from Clearly Contacts for half the price of glasses elsewhere. In the long run I might want several pairs because, you know... fashion, but for now I'm just anxious to see if I can step up to this new glasses wearing life and not hate it.

I've been relating to people how in elementary school I wanted to need glasses so I would look more unique, I also thought that about braces. High School me was not a fan of actually having braces, so hopefully mid-twenties me will do OK with the glasses thing.


So here they are, these are them, the new glasses arrived. I'm definitely digging them so far, although I had to have a lesson in  cleaning glasses last night. The more I tried the dirtier they became and Nick (who has always needed glasses but prefers contacts) showed me how to gently caress away the days dirt from my lenses. Thanks hun.

It's crazy what a difference glasses can make. I had no idea how much in my field of vision I was supposed to be able to see but couldn't. Haha. I was sitting in our bedroom exclaiming over how I could see the Christmas decorations in the dining room clearly from across the house. Basically Superman over here.

I can't wait to do a new  outfit post with these guys!

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