Tuesday, December 9

Luminaria at the Devonian Gardens

On Saturday night we bundled up (thermal tights under sweatpants, two pairs of socks, tank top under long sleeve shirt under sweater...) and traipsed out to the Devonian Gardens outside of Edmonton for their annual Luminaria. They light up the gardens with luminaries, lanterns, and ice creatures and hand out complimentary hot apple cider.

It was lovely, romantic and stupid cold. We're all lucky we didn't loose our toes. In the end it was a bit of logistical nightmare as there wasn't enough parking and the whole thing involved waiting in a twenty minute line to turn left across the highway, being told we couldn't park, waiting in a twenty minute line to get back onto the highway, driving to Devon, parking and waiting in a twenty minute line to get on a shuttle bus. Arriving. Spending two hours freezing our butts off, then waiting in a twenty minute line to get back on the shuttle bus.

We probably won't attend again, but it was a fun night out of the house just the same and we did culminate the evening with homemade wonton soup and a fire in the fireplace, so we did pretty OK.

Are there winter activities you like to participate in? Regal me!

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