Tuesday, December 2

For Your Video Game Playing Husband

If your name is Nick Jewell and you happen to be my husband, please navigate away from this page ASAP.

Now that that's taken care of, let's discuss giving for guys.

Last Christmas Nick and I agreed we wanted to save money for the wedding and would not be purchasing each other big gifts, instead, we would fill each others stockings only. I took this to heart since I was embroiled in the purchasing of a wedding dress at the time, but Nick understood this agreement a little differently. He figured, if your future wife tells you not to buy her anything big for Christmas, it's probably a trap.

Come Christmas, I was surprised to discover he had spoiled me rotten as per usual, and he was left a little underwhelmed by the plethora of (very expensive) winter socks I had purchased him. This led to a board game buying binge in the new year that practically left us broke (board games are expensive!). Lesson learned: treat your guy right at Christmas time. This of course can extend to fathers, friends, father and brothers in law, and about any guy you might be purchasing for. Just replace "In His Stocking" with "Under the Tree". Of course, I'm also looking at this venture through the lens of someone whose husband spends his expendable cash on board games and Magic cards so if your significant other is more interested in sports then Dragon Age Inquisition, this might not be the most useful post. You could replace "leather bound Inquisition flask" with "Leather bound relevant football team flask". If you are a lady who doesn't know what Dragon Age Inquisition is but whose significant other spends a lot of time on his PS4, then this list might actually help you a great deal.

Gifts for Guys

The stocking is still first. I'm really excited about all of these items, and most of them are around $20-$30. You could pick one or two of these items and then supplement his stocking with candy, socks (hey, practical is still a good choice), etc. One thing I always add is a fancy pair of undergarments. He loves SAXX. TMI?

First, the Bioware store has some amazing merch and I think Nick would love the Inquisition leather bound journal for jotting notes down during an RPG session, the matching flask I just think is awesome. He probably wouldn't have much use for it, but it's beautifully designed and novel. It's stainless steal and comes in the leather pouch with the symbol of the Inquisition. This would be a great gift for your gaming buddy. Here's another, less nerdy option for leather bound journal, and a portion of the proceeds goes to charity.

I am obsessed with all of the charging dock/valet stations from Undulating Contours on Etsy. Nick throws his keys/phone/watch/everything into a bowl in our  bedroom, and this is the perfect piece to sit on our new nightstands. He's always loosing his glasses too, so this would solve that. I also love that it's a universal piece, you supply your own charging cable so he could use this for his phone or his Ipod. They have lots of universal options (phone and ipod, tablet and phone and ipod, etc.) and they all come in several flat packed pieces and slide together easily. Love these designs. Best of all, they don't cost an arm and a leg. The one pictured was $42.

A pair of touch sensitive gloves would be a nice upgrade, and a cool water-bottle (this one is stainless steel) is always a nice gift. I don't think we even own one water-bottle.These are both from ASOS where shipping is free worldwide.

Lastly, I always get Nick some kind of beard oil, balm or comb. That guy needs all the encouragement possible to keep that beard tamed and it's a perk for me when I don't have to contend with scratchy kisses and stubble burn on my face, you know? Keeping the beard moistened is essential to our marriage. I usually go with Etsy for this, I might share a round up of beard tonics at some point 'cause there's so many beautiful ones!

Gifts for Guys

This is what I was lacking last year, a showstopper gift that he can show off to his friends. I still like to look along the lines of practicality  (what does he need?) and decide from there. The thing Nick really wants for Christmas is a fancy new computer monitor, but A - I'm not confident in my ability to choose one for him without his input, and B - they run a little too pricey for my budget. Another thing he really needs -- and wants -- is a new messenger bag. He's had the same one since teen-hood and it's literally falling apart. I've been wanting to buy him a new one  for years and recently he said "I really need a new bag" for the first time so I'm leaning towards this option. Similar to the flask and journal from above, the Bioware store is currently selling this (kinda gorgeous right?) leather messenger bag with the symbol of the Inquisition. It's roomy and has a few good sized pockets, it's real brushed black leather with copper hardware. I dig it. I think he would too.

The other thing I'm considering is a shiny new watch. Nick's never really worn a watch but I think it would look good on him. A leather strap will be comfortable and I like the face of this one. Stylin'. It sells at Simons for $115 which is totally do able, it also comes in black and gold. Hey, it would look sweet on that valet stand. 

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  1. Gaming is a HUGE passion of both Jen and I. It's so fun! I love holiday gifts that are game related. I hope he'll like what you get him!


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