Friday, November 7

Tutorials for Curly Hair from Hair Romance

If you have curly hair you are probably familiar with the handful of tricks I recommend: Pineapple, No-Poo, Hair Masks, Plopping, and twist outs. If that sounds like vaguely offensive gibberish you can find info on all of these tricks on my Curly Girl Pinterest board (or maybe you just don't have curly hair).

One of the struggles of curly hair, in my experience, is the third day up do.

Curly hair is naturally dry and as such shouldn't be shampooed as often as that of our straight haired brethren. I usually shower every three or four days.  This usually means a shower on Saturday, and a shower on Wednesday. I can only shower in the morning as I have not yet figured out how to go to sleep with wet hair without waking up looking like a bird has made a nest on my head.

Using the faithful pineapple method I can usually go two days (sometimes all three if I'm lucky) with my hair down and natural. When I wake up, all I do to style is dampen slightly. But sometimes when I wake up on the third day, still 24 hours from my midweek shower, my curls are no longer cooperating. Maybe I didn't  leave my conditioning mask in long enough, maybe I played with my hair too much the day before (NO TOUCHING). In any case, on this occasion it might be necessary to employ the elusive up-do.

Until now that has meant a pony tail or top knot. That's about it really, all I know how to do with any speed or confidence. Luckily, in enters the blog Hair Romance and it's delightfully creative and curly haired founder, Christina. 

Thanks to this discovery I now have a couple of new styles to try, and I might not even wait till day three.

Here are my favorites:
 The headband roll. SO EASY.
The French roll twist and pin. I'm obsessed with this one, must try.
And a side twist bun done on wet hair. I'm very curious about how the hair would act when dry and removed from this style. Worth trying to find out?

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  1. Wow, these look gorgeous! Now, if only I can get myself to actually carry it off--I've always been horrible with doing my hair. Only the very basic of things. To the point where I just put my hair in a bun everyday, simply because it takes too much time and effort to try to do something else every day. How can I be so creative and apt at other things, but so lame at doing my hair???


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