Thursday, November 20

October and November

What I haven't been doing: Taking outfit pictures. Thinking of content for this blog. Writing enough. Shopping (sigh). Leaving the house. Cooking. Grocery shopping. Cleaning.

What I have been doing: Playing Dragon Age. Playing Skyrim. Playing Mass Effect. Watching the entire series of 'Mixology' on Netflix. Starting to watch Chuck on Netflix. Ordering a lot of pizza. Starting Nanowrimo. Writing. Drinking insane amounts of tea. Geeking out over Pink and Dallas Greens new album, You+Me.

The last couple months I have shot and edited exactly zero outfit posts. This is kinda sad and disappointing because I purchased an almost entirely new wardrobe in September and I kinda love it. It's a lot more me. New me. Casual me. And I really do want to share it. Sadly, with colder temperatures and drastically less light in the day I have been unable to motivate myself to take any pics. I'm gonna try soon. In fact this weekend while there's light I might actually take a whole whack of pics. It is, of course, time to procrastinate writing because there are eleven days left in Nanowrimo and of course you still have time to finish. I'm a little insane.

October was beautiful here in Edmonton, maybe the nicest October I can remember. Not a bit of snow all month, we had a fire in our new fire pit on our new patio, we took Lola to the dog park on a regular basis and she loved it, and we even went for a couple walks around our local lake. It was lovely. Of course it's November now, and someone flipped the winter switch. I swear I will never feel warm again. November means N7 day (a holiday for nerds) which you can see Nick and I celebrating above. November means hibernating and comfort food eating and snowy cold dog walks.

When it's cold I like to bake. I baked my first dinner rolls a couple weeks ago, and homemade bread this week, and I am about to catch the cooking bug. I signed up with SPUD, who deliver seasonal, organic and local  groceries to your door and I'm making it a goal to spend more time cooking. And using more produce of course. I've got beets in my fridge for the first time ever and I am so so excited to cook up a fall feast. I already tried roasted beets, parsnip pear and coconut pasta sauce (whaat?) and Nick and I reveled in a lunch of baked potatoes with an egg cooked in the middle.

And that's about it. It's been wonderfully dull around here and I'm cool with that. Spending time with family and enjoying puppy cuddles in front of the TV during Netflix marathons is a pretty great way to spend ones winter. Ive started thinking about Christmas, which is crazy in itself, and I'm looking forward to a time when all of my laundry is done. Working on it.

That's kinda what life feels like right now, a work in progress. And I'm taking a little break.

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