Wednesday, November 5

Layering Textiles

Maybe it's the weather, the threat of winter is real in the minds of Canadian come the first of November, but I'm thinking a lot lately about textiles.

This morning our backyard was covered in a thick layer of sticky white frost. Lola was all over it, literally.

Thinking of that white blanket outside my mind would like to counter with white blankets inside. Lots of them. All different kinds of them. Soft frilly ones, thick wooly ones. Lots of blankets.

In Scandinavian  decor you see a lot of layering with textiles. It's all about neutral pattern mixing and different textures.

Ikea always has my back when it comes to affordable textiles. Our linen duvet cover is an Ikea purchase and I absolutely love it. Linen is a fantastic base for a room, it has a subtle natural texture and it layers well with pretty much everything. Here are some of the layering pieces I'm mulling over for our bedroom makeover:


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