Friday, October 10

September in Instagrams

I find it absolutely impossible to reconcile the fact that September has already passed us by. How did that happen? I definitely remember August, but September has been a whirl. Perhaps the thing that's throwing me off is the fact that August's warm summer weather carried into the beginning of September, causing the months to kinda swirl together. I'm happy to say that despite it not feeling like fall, I took full advantage of those first warm weeks.

We visited the farmers market for the first time this year, we took trips to parks and to the farm, we even had a fire in the backyard complete with smores. I've been working very hard on our bedroom makeover, which you can see a little before and after sneak peak of in the bottom left of my collage.

It's been a good balance this month of getting out and enjoying things, and staying in and enjoying the cozy-ness of our new bedroom (as it gets colder). We moved a TV into the bedroom, something I swore never to do, this summer while it was too hot to inhabit any other room in the house. Now, we're fully in the habit of cuddling in the bed while watching TV. We've been watching X-files, Hannibal, Castle and The Knick over the last few months. I won't lie, I don't regret this little move one bit. The best part is when we have Tommy and Lola both sleeping on the bed with us, it's heaven.

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