Wednesday, October 1

Man Cave Makeover

Many of you are probably aware of the fact we're currently working on a bedroom makeover. As it happens, we've also been making small progress on another room -- the man cave.

The biggest issue I've had with this room is that at the moment the dominating feature is the massive amount of books on bookshelves and in boxes on the floor. I began planning storage solutions and shelving, but while I was reading Elsie and Emma's new book  'A Happy Handmade Home' I had a revelation! They talk about making a list of activities you do in the room you're decorating, and things you want to do in the room. I realized that although video gaming, hanging out with friends and doing stuff on the computer were all on the list, reading books was not.

I decided to use our currently vacant (thanks to all my closet purging) underbed drawers to store books, move the long neglected boxes to the basement storage area we just acquired, and leave only a small selection of books in the man cave.

Man Cave
Serendipitously, I was contacted by the community manager for the company 'Man Crates Gifts for Men' to talk about man caves for their 'Man Cave Makeover' Campaign. Man Crates is a super cool new company that ships curated boxes of goodies in actual wooden crates that your man will be required to open with a crowbar. How neat right? Good news, they do ship to Canada (although it isn't cheap).

Above, you can see my 'vision' for Nicks new man cave. I've already purchased the cute little sofa from IKEA (although we have yet to assemble it), which is where I envision his friends chillaxin while they play multiplayer games.

After doing a lot of research on space saving, ergonomic and functional 'gaming spaces' we decided to wall mount his big screen TV over his desk, with his computer beneath it. That way, he can easily hook his computer to the big screen to play multiplayer games but he can also switch it to his computer monitor for regular computing. When he's playing console games he can sit on the sofa, or just roll the chair back to see the big screen.

Recently, Nicks desk kinda exploded in a shower of tiny ball bearings and computer trays. I'm thinking a space saving, wall mounted desk might really make the room feel bigger. I sourced this one from Lowes Canada online.

Man Cave Makeover

Another really important feature of the new Man Cave will be hidden, functional storage. I love the rustic ottoman I chose for my Polyvore mock up, but any small storage ottoman will do. I imagine we'll store game controllers, headsets, and TV remotes in there. Maybe even console games.

A few industrial accents will make the space feel more 'manly' and that bear pillow is killing me. I know Nick would also appreciate a rustic faux fur throw to make his Game of Thrones fantasies come true.

Lastly, imagine a spattering of game related trinkets on that cute industrial hanging shelf. Nick has a little vault boy bobble head that will probably find his home there.

I can't wait to get really started on this room (money is currently a factor, haha, I spent quite a bit on the bedroom not gonna lie), and I know Nick will love it.

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