Thursday, October 9

Capsule Wardrobe

Fall is already half way gone here in Edmonton, but the last few chilly weeks have had me thinking a lot about my wardrobe. No surprise there, I like to shop, and I'm currently in the midst of a bedroom makeover which means I'm thinking a lot about clothes storage and how I would like to live more minimally. It was probably fate which led me to the blog "Un-Fancy" where author Caroline blogs about her capsule wardrobe and living with only 37 pieces in her closet. She has some amazing resources and ideas, and I couldn't wait to comb through all of her archives! One of the great resources she provides is a wardrobe planner you can print off and  brain storm with. I've found this planner immensely helpful.
Berry Red

I thought I would share some of the realizations this process has helped me come to, and some of the planning I've done!
Olive Green
The first couple of exercises involve listing your lifestyle activities (for me: lounging, working, casual activities like board games with friends and dog walking, the occasional night out), doing a word association to narrow down what style choices you should make (natural, comfortable, effortless), deciding what colours you want in your wardrobe for the season (creams, indigo and denim hues, browns, reds, olives and golds) and listing your favorite brands (ASOS, Lord and Taylor, GAP, Everlane).
Navy Blue
The next two activities were the most revealing to me. I was challenged to make a list of my go to pieces, and my go to outfits. I listed boyfriend jeans, joggers, cozy knitted sweaters, cropped jackets, tent or shift dresses, drapey buttondowns, and raglan T's. I also added Jumpsuits, colorful cardigans, and ankle boots to represent the things I wish I had more of in my closet. For go to outfits I listed my white button down with my joggers and ankle boots, a drapey dress layered with a T or cropped sweater, a casual knit or T with a pencil skirt, and a casual T with jeans and a cardigan or cropped jacket.
Monochromatic Greys and Black and White

All of this made it pretty clear to me what I would need to buy for the season, and what exactly I'll be purging from my closet and keeping. I can solidly envision every item in my closet that I want to keep. Of course this doesn't actually make it much easier! I've already carted off, count it, five garbage bags of clothes to the local donation store, and Nick got in the game with an entire garbage bag of T shirts. Even so, my closet felt like it was bursting at the seams. This was in part due to my commitment to removing the rolling garment rack (took up too much space and didn't fit in with my new vision for the bedroom) and having to fit everything into half a closet.
Additional Denim
I took a first step by folding neatly all of my summer attire and storing it in packing boxes usually reserved for my suitcase. I would like to upgrade soon to some nicer storage boxes like these ones from Real Simple. These boxes went in the top of my closet and made considerable room , now, it's just winter and fall stuff in there. I could also pack up my winter clothes, but in Edmonton you never know when it's gonna suddenly be minus 30, so I thought I should keep them handy.

The other thing that made a huge difference in my closet, and I'll share some pics soon, was the purchase of slim line hangers! I've been wanting to do this forever, but I finally pulled the trigger. It certainly helped that I had some wedding gift cards for HBC left over. I purchased 62 slimline hangers and am employing them all (for my winter and fall wardrobes). The best feature is that each hanger has a little hook on it and you can hang additional hangers off the hook. I hang all of my basic shirts (like the white T's below) on one cascading hanger, I have three hangers for dresses, one for jackets ETC. making everything not only fit better in the closet, but easier to find. 
To prepare for fall, and recover from my purge, I purchased some new pieces. These include: skinny jeans, boyfriend cords, a layering tank, denim dress, flowy dress, knee high boots, some sweaters and button downs. I'm hoping to do some photo shoots before the snow flies! 

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