Tuesday, September 2

There Be Dinosaurs

Shortly after returning from our honeymoon this August, Nick, myself, my sister and some of my cousins all ventured out to Jurassic Forrest to see some dinosaurs. It ended up being a beautiful day for it, sunny but not too sunny, warm but not too warm, and we really enjoyed the lovely trails!
I was super excited to see Fireweed there, as it covers the countryside in PEI! It was almost like being back on the island. 

 Edited with A Beautiful Mess photoshop actions


  1. That opening photo of Nick and April is priceless. XD

  2. oooo the photoshop actions are so pretty- i was curious to see how they worked in action. and this is SUCH a fun post, what an awesome park. I definitely giggled at that first one- amazing :)

    xo marlen
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    1. I've been having stupid fun with the actions. At first I wasn't finding ones I really liked but then I paid attention to which ones they were using on A Beautiful Mess and when I realized you can turn the black and white layer off in all of the black and white actions, that really helped. Now I mostly use hank with the B&W turned off. :) And yes, it was an awesome time!


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