Monday, September 29

Little Lola (10)

We've had a beautiful mild September so far and we've been trying to get to the dog park as much as possible before you know what arrives. Lola was beginning to manifest some fear of car rides, so we've also been trying to take her for lots of rides with lots of treats. As uncomfortable as she is in the car, girl always has an amazing time at the park. It's awesome to me that all of the pictures above were taken in the last two months and there's four different parks represented. It's so much fun to explore a new park.

Yesterday we tried Dawson Park in the river-valley for the first time and it was beautiful. Lola discovered the North Saskatchewan river and got all muddy and wet. She also got to climb a big cliff (top right). She ran up there unbidden and we all stopped to watch her. We called her to come on down and she looked around, I imagine enjoying the view, pondered briefly how she would descend and then came barreling down at full speed. A small bush served to slow her down once she reached the bottom, the look of wild adventure in her eyes.

I should start a picnic table series, I always get her to sit on a picnic table for photos. She's such a photogenic pup.

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