Tuesday, September 9

Curly Girl

Last week I started hunting for a stylist on the North end who I could entrust with my difficult, curly hair. My stylist for the past year and a half was my friend Katy from Kick hair salon, she did a great job getting me ready for my wedding but I was more than ready to see someone closer to home who I wouldn't have to use a vacation day to see on the South side.

I started checking Yelp and reading reviews and through someones random review discovered that there were  now DivaCurl certified stylists in Edmonton, like, lots of them. Having searched high and low for a DivaCurl stylist some five years ago and given up due to the big fat 0 I encountered, I guess it hadn't occurred to me to check the website for awhile. See, some six years ago I read the Curly Girl Handbook by the makers of DivaCurl, a natural and chemical free hair product line made just for curls, and became hooked. I learned so much about  my hair from reading the book and it really helped me learn the basics of living with curls. This book really took the place of a curly girl mentor in my curl-free childhood (I think my mother has just come to terms with the fact that she is the one who gave me curly hair). I've been sulfate free ever since!

Anyway, I went back to the DivaCurl website and checked their map of local certified stylists (there's not only hair products but a specific way of cutting hair and styling that is recommended) and discovered two salons within walking distance of my house! I chose to visit Filippos Salon at Northtown mall due to its proximity to my bus stop. They also have a whopping three certified stylists to choose from, and carry a wide variety of the Deva product line.

I was paired with Stylist Kelsey Sebo who did a great job getting rid of all my horrible split ends and bringing up the length a bit. It was really amazing to get the full DevaCurl experience, everything from the 'plopping' with a micro fiber towel, to the cutting method. I purchased the DevaCurl shampoo and conditioner to begin using again, and am just waiting to finish my other products before I invest in the rest of the line. I couldn't believe how great the gel worked at the salon. I also purchased the cool Diva diffuser, but lo, it doesn't fit on my big fat hair dryer at home! I'm keeping an eye out for one with a slimmer head and soon will be able to regal you with the coolness.

If you're a curly girl, I would highly recommend checking out Kelsey or another DivaCurl certified stylist and getting the full experience. It really makes a world of difference.

ASOS high waist skinny jeans and crop top, Birkenstocks from Modcloth
Anyway, more about my outfit. I wore this on a long weekend Monday, it was bloody freezing and everywhere I went I was shivering out of my skinny jeans (not actually). The sandals -- my biggest mistake. That being said, I felt awesome and looked pretty damn hot. ;)

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  1. Very cute collection. I miss seeing your and Amy's photos of each other on dA.


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