Thursday, September 11

Canada Has Determined That is a Lie

I've been gearing up for fall lately. Nesting. It might be that the wedding's over and I have too much time on my hands or it might be that it's getting colder and I'm thinking about cozy sweaters and rooms I don't mind hunkering down for six months in.

Of course if you live in Edmonton you know, and all others let me tell you, this year we seem to have skipped fall and gone right on to that other thing.

Seriously. It snowed this week. What's with that? My sister broke out her winter jacket but I'm refusing to let the parka see the light of day until at least mid October. I remember distinctly that last year it didn't snow until November.

Anyways, I've been working on a little bedroom makeover, cleaning out my closet, thinking about organization, and buying a crap ton of new fall clothing items. Probably should have restrained myself on that last one, but for some reason I found I couldn't help myself. I have a gateway problem where the first hundred dollars is impossible to spend but once I finally do it the money flows freely until it's kinda gone. I should be good now... but seriously guys, I got so much nice stuff! So many sales! So irresistible!

None of my clothes have arrived yet, but I am super super excited about the bedroom updates. Can't wait to share. :)

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  1. In Nome we spoke of Fall, Winter, Spring and the Fourth of July.


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