Friday, August 22

The Island

A few of my favorite shots from our honeymoon in PEI. Eastern Canada really is something special and I can't wait for a chance to go back and explore some more.

All edited with A Beautiful Mess Photoshop Actions (Hank and Magnolia, edge burn and top glow)


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    1. You will love it Dad, I'm sure you guys will be able to go sooner then later. :)

  2. So dreamy and beautiful! I love seeing places like this. Do you ever seen photos that instantly bring back a memory of something from your childhood? The photo of the sand covered steps brought back a sweet memory of being a child and climbing the steps at the beach we used to always go to. Thanks for sharing.

    (my comment didn't go through earlier so I apologize if you get two from me today!

    1. Just one comment! Haha. And thank you for it. I love memories recalled through photographs, like when I see kids on the beach with no clothes on and I recall a photo of my cousin and I tip toeing into the water with bare bums. ;)


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