Friday, August 29

Just Beachy

On our last full day we took full advantage of the island (and our rental car), heading from Charlottetown to Basin Head beach. Rumored to be the best beach in all of Canada, we weren't disappointed.

This also happened to be the moment I discovered that a light summer sweater is perfectly paired with a bikini. I kept myself well protected this way from the drafty breeze of the ocean, but still enjoyed the sun. Speaking of enjoying myself, I think you can tell I'm enjoying the heck out of the flower crown Nick bought me in town.
I've talked at length here about 'beach bodies' and not being afraid to rock a bikini even if you have problems with your own body. Confidence is won by bearing all, and I made a conscious effort to take portraits on the beach with the shirt off. Weirdly, I think the best thing about these pics is the lipstick, haha, but I'm also stupid proud of that midriff. Check out the crazy tan lines from our previous  beach excursion! Should have worn this bikini first me thinks!
ASOS bikini, thrifted skirt, Birkenstock sandals, Jo Totes camera bag, H&M sweater

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