Monday, August 11

Honeymoon: In Instagrams

We're back! And happy to be so. It's great to come home and be full of gratitude and love for our friends and family and pets! We loved getting home and seeing Tommy and Lola after a week of being away, and sleeping in our own bed has been pretty swell too.

While I'm editing photos from my DSLR, I thought I would share all of the Instagrams from the trip. I uploaded them to Facebook as we went to keep our families in the loop, and I got a lot of comments when we returned on how all we seemed to be doing was eating. Haha.

Instead of going day by day I broke my pics into a few collages. Firstly, sights and places! We really enjoyed staying in the heart of Charlottetown and enjoying the city sights, but we also ventured in our rental car to a few far off island places (and by far off I mean up to an hour away, everything is pretty close when you're on a small island). We took in Victoria by the Sea, a sweet little village with a chocolate factory/shop, Brackley beach and Basin Head beach, and Summerside.
1.Charlottetown warf 2.Fairholm Inn 3.St. Dunstan Basillica 4.Queen St 5.Dunes Cafe and Gallery 6.Brackley Beach, 7.Charlottetown town hall 8.St outside the hotel 9&10.Piatto 11.PEI Chocolates in Victoria 12.Victoria Row
The best part of the trip was probably the food! PEI is really a Mecca for delicious seafood and fresh, local ingredients. Many new eateries are popping up in downtown Charlottetown and we enjoyed every one we tried! I have many more food pics, haha, but here are my favorites.
1.Dave's Lobster Co. 2.Banana Bread crusted halibut at Dunes Cafe 3.Steak and poatoes at Dunes Cafe 4.The Stephanie Pizza at Piatto 5.Dolce De Leche tart at Piatto 6. Oysters at the Merchantman Pub 7.Strawberry Shortcake at Terre Rouge 8.Burgers and fries at Boom Burger 9.Lobster Roll at Rick's Fish and Chips 10.Cows Ice Cream 11.PLT (pancetta with duck fat toast) at Terre Rouge 12.Mac of the Day at Terre Rouge
Finally, we also had the wonderful opportunity to participate in some local activities and attractions! PEI is celebrating 150 years since the Charlottetown Conference with 70 days of free activities and concerts. We had no idea our trip would coincide with these festivities, but we took full advantage! We took in Avatar on the big screen Monday night, and we closed out the trip with a free Matthew Good concert on Friday. Jill Barber opened and we adored her, and Matt Good was excellent.

We also enjoyed Brackley Beach, the Brackley Drive in, a Brewery Tour at the PEI Brewing Company and of course, a healthy dose of Magic (the card game).

I thought I would also include some pics I took of our suite in the Clark House. It's the 'carriage house' at the Fairholm Historic Inn. They've just recently built the new facility, which is more like a four suite apartment building, and they've done an amazing job decking it out with modern and luxurious furnishings. We really loved being so close to the history and charm of PEI, but having a beautiful modern home to retreat to.

And lastly, I was so pleased to receive lots of pictures and texts from family back home taking care of our wee ones. Nicks parents watched Lola and his aunt and uncle stayed at our house and watched Tommy. Lola obviously had a blast with her sister Molly and, man, it was heart breaking to leave her for work today! She was moping around the house like a lost puppy wishing she could play with her sister no doubt. They really love each other! While we were gone Molly taught Lola a little about the art of tree climbing, and Lola overcame her fear of putting her face under water and learned to bob for tennis balls. We hear Tommy occupied himself with knocking everything in the house over. Haha.
I'll be posting outfit pics and more vacation picks from my DSLR soon!

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