Tuesday, August 12

A Few Tweaks

You may notice, or you may not if you're very unobservant, that the blog has been going through a few little tweaks and changes! I even went so far as to purchase a fancy new blog template, but after much fiddling with it, decided not to use it. I am not a coder by any means.
 This template, this layout, still feels right to me.

What did change was my colour scheme (a little) and my header (a lot).

I also updated the About Me page with some new photos and information, and sidebar. The sidebar should be looking a little cleaner and less cluttered now. You'll also find my five most popular posts floating over there. I hope you like it!

Over the next couple days I'll be working to unify my branding across all platforms of social media, and I can't wait to put a renewed energy into this space. Blogging is such a personal thing (or can be) and you hear constantly about bloggers who burn out or lose their passion. I'm hear to say that I will never be a professional blogger, I will never have guilt over not posting, I will never feel the need to post if I don't have something to say or document. I've felt that way in the past and it's just not me. 
What I am passionate about is sharing bits of life, and photos of my dog. It's been so funny the last couple of months to find out how many family and friends I have that read the blog just to stay updated on my life. I think that's wonderful (Hi Jackie and Martha!).

So here's to a bit of a fresh start with Light A Candle.

Did I ever tell you the story behind my blogs name?

Well, there's a proverb that goes like this: "It's better to light a candle than curse the dark", which has been attributed to  Peter Benenson and Amnesty International. But no, that's not why I call my blog Light a Candle. I got it from my favorite book, "Firelord" by Parke Godwin.

There is a passage that always stuck out to me, one character quotes the proverb to the other and, being in a foul mood and of a sarcastic nature, the character quips back, "Who mined that gem?" and the response, "I don't know, someone with God's gift for platitudes. I mean, I'll light your bloody candle, but someone's damn well going to hear about the dark."

This response has become my new proverb. It's stuck with me through the years as a reminder that life can be shitty and cruel and there's a lot of horror in the world, and that you have to light a candle to brighten the darkness. This blog is my candle. It's a place to go to remember and celebrate the good things in life and the small moments that make it so much brighter. That said, no one benefits when you pretend that negative things don't exist.

Maybe you're still with me after that, haha, maybe it makes sense. In any case, I'll never stop in  here to pretend my life is perfect. But I'll always stop in.

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