Thursday, July 17

Wedding Rehearsal

Saturday night was our wedding rehearsal! We started by setting up some decor to see how things would come together and it was such a special moment. Seeing all of the things I've dreamed of, purchased or envisioned over the last year be assembled made me so excited!

We had our musicians, officiant and bridal party there to do some runs through the ceremony and we decided not to practice our vows to one another, keeping them a surprise instead. It was a very beautiful, frantic, and exciting time.

After the rehearsal we shared a delicious meal together, and went our separate ways for the night. My girls came with me to stay the night at my parents house, and the boys went with Nick to spend the night at one of his groomsmens house. Lola stayed at the farm with my in-laws. It was during this hubub that I made my greatest error of the weekend, small as it was, haha. I forgot my makeup bag with cleanser, toothpaste and brush, and all of those little essentials! Luckily I had my lipstick for the next day, and some hair ties and face masks in my overnight bag and clutch.

We girls did face masks and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, finally hitting the hay around 1 AM. My mum loaned me some face cleanser and my Dad produced a new toothbrush.

The boys, I hear, played board games until about 2.

It was a fantastic, joyous night!

French Connection dress from ASOS, Birkenstocks from Modcloth

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