Tuesday, July 22

The Dress: Olivia by Watters Wtoo

First time in the dress...
 The dress I ended up choosing for the wedding was an absolute dream.

She's called "Olivia" by Watters Wtoo. I found her at the first salon I ever visited, but on my last bridal appointment. We visited Novelle Bridal first because they carry some less conventional options by designers I was very interested in. On our first visit, this dress wasn't in the store. We decided, after about four or five other bridal appointments, to end our search at Novelle to help round out what had been an emotionally taxing experience.

I had seen, and pinned, Olivia in the past, so I was thrilled to try her on and immediately fell in love. She was just what I was looking for. When we started shopping I told everyone I wanted to look like a "fairy princess on the runway", meaning ethereal and romantic but runway ready instead of bridal, and Olivia made me feel that way! 

Not to be happy with a standard dress we decided to tweak a little. The seamstress at Novelle was very talented, she took apart the entire bodice to mold it to my chest, and while she was at it she removed the bulk of the flower embellishments on the bodice leaving just the five or so flowers along the top. I loved this change, I felt it made the whole dress a little less busy and the finished product showed off the delicate ruching. We also added spaghetti straps. 

Final Fitting.

I did struggle with deciding what kind of jewelry to wear with this dress. It's not exactly simple, and I didn't want the look to become busy.  I chose a vintage diamond heart necklace from my grandmother, and decided to keep the earrings really simple by choosing over-sized crystal studs in a pear shape to match my engagement ring.

Hilariously, I completely forgot to put on my jewelry the morning of the wedding and only remembered a few moments before walking down the asile. My sister was able to grab my earrings, but we had forgotten the necklace at my parents house! Considering the fact we had remembered the necklace at every single bridal appointment up until the day (you can see it in the above pics), but forgotten it when it actually counted, I just laughed. My mum was sweet enough to run home in between the ceremony and reception so I was able to wear it in the evening!

Another note for future Olivia brides: our ceremony was outside and for some reason every insect on the farm was attracted to my layers of tulle! At one point I had two crickets and a moth in my skirts and as guests would proclaim "I haven't seen a single bug!" I would laugh "They're all in my dress!". Bizarre and hilarious.

Also for reference, I'm a straight size 12 and had to order a 16 in this dress. They took in the bust considerably, but that's what fit my waist! I loved seeing all the pictures of brides and especially brides my size in dresses while I was shopping, so I hope this helps someone. ;)

Some more pictures of Olivia from the morning of the wedding:

You can find my recollections and some pictures from the morning of the wedding here, and I'll surely by posting more in the weeks to come.

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