Thursday, July 31

Packing for the Honeymoon

Well, the time is approaching and in three days Nick and I will be flying to PEI on a redeye flight on our way to our honeymoon! Nick was born in Summerside PEI, so I couldn't be happier to finally get to meet his grandmother and see a bit of that part of Canada. We'll be staying in Charlottetown and hopefully making lots of trips out and about, taking in as much as possible. Sounds like our trip will involve a lot of beaching, biking and walking (and eating), so I'm packing accordingly. At the moment I'm on a navy blue kick, so you'll notice I'm also trying to pack with a coordinated colour theme.

Packing Part 1

Firstly, dresses and jackets. I tend to live in dresses and I have quite a few favorites to choose from at the moment!
1. Just bought this striped dress from The Gap and I love it. Super comfy, I'll be wearing this on the plane.
2. I also purchased this dress in solid navy blue at H&M for fifteen dollars! These jersey dresses tend to loose their shape overtime, but they're a steal of a deal for the year of wear you'll get out of them. It's very comfy and has a cute criss-cross back.
3-4. These two maxi dresses will be equally great for going out for a romantic dinner or covering up at the beach.
5-7. These three dresses serve a similar function, being of the same silhouette and comfy-ness. The purple ASOS dress has an airy cut out back, and the whitepepper and ASOS denim dresses are both great for layering. I might have to choose between these two when I go to fit everything in the suitcase, since they're both denim.
8. This represents my Anthro striped sundress. Always super comfy and great for the beach or a dinner out!
9-11. My jacket collection. Since it's rainy in PEI sometimes I'll be bringing a rain coat, my jean jacket for wind, and a light waterfall blazer for comfort and to dress up some dresses for evenings out.
12. The last dress is my eyelet halter dress, it's breezy and nautical in it's design and I can't wait to wear it on the island. ;)
Packing Part 2
1. This represents my Everlane Ryan shirt, slouchy and comfy for lounging or a walk.
2. My check shirt works as a coverup or a casual counterpart to any of my bottoms.
3. I love my flounce sleeve shirt for layering underneath dresses with just the sleeves showing.
4-5. My Hello Merch Items are ultra comfy! The tank will be for hot days, and the sweater will be for chilly nights or rainy afternoons.
6. A basic white T goes with everything.
7-10. My bottoms are pretty basic, two pairs of shorts (one for the beach), a pair of long pants just in case, and a cute skirt.

Packing Part 3

1-6. My bathing suit collection! These are the actual one pieces and tops I own, the bottoms are representations. I love my ASOS polka-dot Bikini, it's structured and great for a larger bust but the straps come off for tanning. The white one-piece and black frill top are new purchases from Modcloth, and the JCrew purple one piece is a solid purchase from a couple years ago.
7. Of course my Birkenstocks are coming with. I wear them everywhere, so much so I have some serious Birkie tan this summer.
8. A towel of course.
9-11. My bag collection. The Seafolly beach tote is gigantic and perfect for a whole day spent at the beach, the Everlane tote is a little smaller, good for an afternoon at the beach or  a visit to the farmers market. The matching Everlane backpack will be Nicks second carry-on, perfect for a day trip, hike, bike ride, or day at the market.
12. Lastly, my Lowthers wellies will be making the journey with us in case of rain or mud. Love these boots.

On the Plane

To get there, I'll be wearing my new striped dress and slinky blazer on the plane. Also, I'll be wearing my Toms, since they're a great walking shoe and easy to slip on and off. A scarf also helps with chilly air planes, circle scarves tend to double as a shawl or blanket. Nick and I prefer to travel with only carry-on luggage, so I'll be bringing my hard sided carry-on and leather weekender as a purse. I was a little concerned I might not get away with having such a big purse, haha, but I believe as long as it fits under the seat I'll be fine. I might swap the weekender out for the Everlane tote, but I feel like it's supple leather goodness would make my trip more glamorous. This is probably pinterest talking.

Happy early weekend my loves, and I'll be back in a week and a half to share pics.

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