Monday, July 21

Morning of the Wedding

My hair stylist and friend, Katy, warned me at my hair trial the Monday before my wedding that I wouldn't sleep. She said, whenever I've done a wedding the bride always tells me she didn't sleep the night before. But don't worry, you'll have so much adrenaline you won't even notice.

Katy was pretty much spot on.
My girls and I had a fabulous evening of movies and masks and piled into bed, Amy and I in one, Kristi in another, April on the couch. Morning crept up quickly and despite having only touched my head to pillow around 1AM, when I glanced at the clock next, fully awake, it was only 5. Determined to catch a few extra Z's I closed my eyes again, but soon my nose was runny and there was no tissue on my end table. Feeling as though staying in bed would prove futile, I climbed out and went in search of some tissue. As I had suspected, my Mum was already up and resting on the sofa upstairs. I made myself some tea and sat down to wait until a more appropriate time to wake up my ladies.
Knowing we had set an alarm for 8, I tip toed down around then and started loudly opening and closing doors. Haha. Waking people up is always kinda awkward. Kristi was already awake and hanging out on her phone in bed, Amy had been up and down a couple of times but woke up easy. April would have rathered stay asleep, but my door closing trick worked its magic on her as well.
Up we got, I used my borrowed tooth brush and face wash, stole some moisturizer, and got to the bustling around of the slightly disorganized. Before long people were shouting downstairs at me that my hair and makeup people had arrived. Katy worked magic on my hair, as usual, and makeup artist Amy Robertson made me look gorgeous! She was even gracious enough to do an extra bridesmaids eye makeup while she waited for me to finish up with hair. Katy also did a last minute bridesmaid updo that turned out gorgeous. Somewhat awkwardly, I found myself braiding Amy's hair under Katy's gaze for a few minutes before she went off to get ready. Good thing, as her excellent hair skills are bad for my hair skills self confidence. Ultimately,  I was pretty proud of how Amy's hair turned out! All my ladies looked gorgeous!

Hair and makeup done, delicious peach waffle scarfed and enjoyed, we were beginning to become short on time and it was time to put on the dress!

I cannot espouse enough about how wonderful it was to have a dress with a zipper in the back. Not only a zipper, but a low back so that I could zip the whole dress up on my own. This not only helped me stay cool on a super hot day, but allowed me to visit the bathroom, and put on my dress all on my own! Haha. Low backs and zippers come highly recommended. My mum did the tiny clasp at the top of the zipper, and tied a lovely bow for me. My bridesmaid Amy then did me the honour of being prince charming for a moment and put on my heels.

Second tip, shoes first.

With attire all accounted for (not counting a few accessories we completely spaced on) we piled into cars (I got a back seat to myself thanks to my dress pouf) and headed to the ceremony site. Thankfully, the car was air conditioned. Man, our day was hot! Only a couple of days later when the temperature climbed over thirty did I fully appreciate our 27 degree weather. Driving to the site I was thrilled to see our road signs directing traffic off the Manning, but the best moment was when we pulled into the drive way and I saw our groomsmen milling about for the first time. I teared up with relief, haha, they turned out so handsome! Maybe that sounds mean, but we had given the guys carte blanche with their attire excepting matching vests, so seeing them all magically look exactly as I envisioned was a great moment.

I'll write a bit about the rest of the day, but most of the pictures will have to wait until our photographer completes her edits. Waiting patiently is easy knowing Genevieve is so talented and wonderful!

Many thanks to Amy Sarfinchan, my dad Doug Petry, and my sis April for being my morning of photographers. It's handy having such talented folks around.

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