Thursday, June 12

Little Lola (7) - At the Park

I seriously have more posts in my draft folder then I know what to do with!

The other day we spent an evening at the Lacombe Lake Dog Park in St. Albert and couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more. Dog people are so friendly and warm, and Lola has a blast chasing her ball from one end of the park to the other. I took my camera along so I could get some snaps of her in action and I'm happy to report I got quite a few good pictures!

She is one seriously fixated puppy when it comes to her toys, whether that be her ball, Frisbee, or (inside the house) her 'squeaker'. She loves loves love to play fetch and she's pretty much a master at it. Girl has been practicing her catching it straight out of the air skills, and she entertains us to no end. Her Frisbee is the funniest because she loves to carry it around. We'll throw it for a bit in the yard, then go for a walk around the neighborhood and she'll carry it in her mouth with her head held high the whole time like 'look what I've got!' making all the other puppies jealous. 

We are really enjoying being outside with this girl more, enjoying the changing seasons, the fresh air, and I cannot get over this ones sweet personality and growing confidence. It makes my heart swell to see her meeting new puppies happily and without being shy. If her tail is up and she's being confident, I am so proud of her. She has come a long long way from being the only puppy in class who hides in a corner instead of socialize.

Anyway,  I could wax poetic about Lola for weeks, but maybe you just want to see her cute pictures?

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