Wednesday, May 7

Nibbler Box: April 2014

 It occurs to be that once you start purchasing subscription boxes for animals you don't have, you're probably too obsessed. Luckily, my little sister recently fulfilled her dream of bunny ownership, so she can probably use this Nibbler box. JK, I actually purchased it for her on purpose guys. I swear. I couldn't help it when I saw this cute little bunny box from Buns Boutique. They're based in BC, and shipping to Canada is free on the subscription box! Yay!
Tommy seemed to be hoping the box was for him, sorry Tommy, maybe your little cousin Basil will share (unlikely). Everything was nicely packaged in tissue paper and I bet Basil will be interested in having this perfectly bunny sized box to play in too. ;)

The first items I unwrapped were these two toys, great for chewing and for playing with!

Also, this adorable little heart!
 Basil will probably be most interested in these little oven baked veggie treats! April is a very good Bunny mom and has done a lot of research on what is good for basil and what isn't. I was happy to see these specially formulated treats with natural ingredients! They're formulated to simulate the bunnies natural diet in the wild. Sounds good to me!

 Actual bunny owner April has this to say on the contents of the box:

"Ooh OXBOW, they're the best." Real quote. Turns out she's already tried their treats and claims they are some of the best bunny treats around for health and quality. 

Also, "Aw, Basil will devour these!" (about the toys) haha, guess they won't last long. That being said, apparently willow toys are also very good for bunnies and their little teeth. She was pretty happy with her Nibbler box and I can't wait to continue doting on my new little bunny nephew. ;)

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