Tuesday, May 20

May Long Weekend

 This past weekend Canada celebrated 'Victoria Day' otherwise known as an excuse to take a Monday off during what has amounted this year to our first taste of summer. Nick says that this year Canada just up and skipped spring, going straight from shoveling snow drifts to mowing the lawn.We weren't very prepared for a long weekend, and we didn't really have any plans, but we put out the call Friday night for an impromptu gathering of friends and (for the first time ever) the whole entire gang was able to show up with just about an hours  notice! Haha. We really had a great time! The boys played some PS4 and us ladies took a trip to Marble Slab, then we all played board games. It was so special to just hang out as a group.

Saturday morning I baked some scones and served Nick breakfast in bed! That man values his sleep immensely so I've never brought him breakfast in bed before, I usually just let him sleep as long as he wants on the weekend and eat when he gets up. I was so pleasantly surprised by  how moved he was by the gesture, proving that everyone loves breakfast in bed. :)

 After breakfast we played with Lola for a bit, took a walk, then Nick and I headed out to get a few wedding errands finished. We ordered his custom suit from Amedeo Exclusive and purchased my wedding band! So so happy and I can't wait to get to wear it. ;) We had some time to kill after our shopping was done so we had dinner at the amazing Craft Beer Market! Nick has been to a few of their Brew Masters Dinners, and we also had Easter brunch there, but this was the first time either of us had seen their regular menu! I was super impressed with my TLT (Tuna, seared rare, lettuce and tomato sandwich) LOVED IT.

After dinner Nick swept me off to the theater to see Godzilla in D-Box! It was a super fun day and kinda maybe perfect.

Sunday was made for lounging around the house, long walks with Lola, and later, the puppy park. 
Monday was the holiday and in the morning I was able to finish off a bunch of wedding projects, then in the afternoon we met friends at the DeerMound off Leash Park in Sherwood Park. Wow. Just wow. This was the most amazingly huge dog park we have ever seen! The best part is that it was entirely fenced off all around the off leash areas. The pups could run and run and run and never run out of room to play! There were also hiking type trails that we will be sure to explore on our next visit.
One of the pups with us was a beautiful English Setter who loves the water, he was very independent and would run off ahead. The other dogs would follow a little slower, and he led them first through a mud hole that turned my little white and tan dog into a black and tan dog, and then through a little bog/pond which turned her white again.

Lola has never swum before, being all fresh and new to things like grass and not frozen water. It's so fun to see her experiencing this season for the first time in her little life. I exclaim to Nick all the time that we're watching her experience so many firsts; first green lawn, first encounter with a bug, first time having a lady bug land on her, first time in the mud, first rain storm. It somehow feels like she's a brand new puppy again and I'm reminded how lucky we are that we've been entrusted with this little tiny new life.
Anyway, she tentatively circled the edge of the water, getting her feet and legs wet and washing off the mud and then, with the encouragement of the other pups, she took the plunge and started dog paddling in the middle of the pond! Evee, the big white pup, came right over and used her paw to dunk Lola under water. HAHA. She scurried back to shore and came to stand by me like, OK Mum, I'm done.
 After that we headed back to my friends house and gave our dirty dogs a bath. Lola got all soft and fluffy and I had to force her to let me brush her! She is not yet a fan. After they dried off and played in the back yard some more the pups were exhausted. I have never seen Lola that tired. The three of them passed out all over the basement in various positions and slept until we took Lola home and put her to bed.
Weekends truly are  never long enough, but we take so much joy in tiring this little one out, and spending time with our families and friends. Joy in the little things like puppies and green grass and really yummmy smokies on the BBQ.

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