Friday, May 2

Blue Sky

It's finally feeling like spring! We've had an absolute blast the last couple weeks spending as much time as we can outside with Lola. We're really enjoying the Lacombe Lake Park in St Albert where Lola likes to catch her ball at break neck speed or right out of the air, and we like to chill with a picnic! Dog owners are some of the nicest people to chat with. We all just want to compare dog breeds and food and talk about our previous dog experiences. It's great. 

In the backyard this morning I saw some signs of life, an earth worm who was probably not too pleased to have Lola so curiously sniffing it over and over, and two giant black beetles making out on my walkway. Haha. It's strange to think I haven't seen any creepy crawlers for six months! Not looking forward to the inevitable spiders in the house discoveries *shudders*.

This weekend we're going to get some work done at my in-laws place to spruce up their lawn for the wedding. We need to level the ground a bit at the ceremony site and spread some fresh grass seed. I can't believe we're only two months away from being married now, it's nuts! We sent our song requests to our band yesterday, and we'll hopefully be meeting with our baker soon. I had my first fitting a couple weeks ago and, oh my, it's amazing. So so great to see the dress coming together, it really does look better and better as its modified just for me!

Reitmans Skirt, Jacket from Winners, American Eagle shirt, Shoe Warehouse boots

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