Friday, May 30

Beauty Box 5: May 2014

My last Beauty Box Five! Yep, I unsubscribed from this one. Not because I haven't enjoyed it, because I have, some highlights being a great lip colour and an awesome organic hair mouse that my curly hair loves. That being said, I needed to cut back on my monthly spending a bit, and I prefer boxes that send full products rather then samples, so this one got cut.

Here's what I recieved! First, this Cattiva eye liner. I really like this eyeliner, it's easy to apply, stays very well, and is smudgable when first applied. Unfortunately there's a bit of a design flaw in that the cap keeps coming off in my makeup bag!
Above, some cooling body cloths that will be handy for traveling this summer (and my emergency bridal kit, haha) and a cute little cleansing gel that looks awesome but I haven't tried yet! Maybe this will also be saved for my travel bag.
Below, a hydrating mask by Masker Aide. I've heard good things about these masks so I'm excited to try it, but I don't usually like masks in foil packets. I do love that it's eco friendly with no parabens. I might save this for the wedding morning. ;)
And lastly, a perfume sample. I'm not really into perfume so I haven't tried this yet. Weirdly, I have a rather large collection of these little perfume samples and they never get used. I always think, this is great, I won't need to buy the full size because I never wear perfume! This will last me forever! But then I end up with an entire cosmetic case full of perfume samples and I have no idea which ones smell good. First world problems.
And thus, the passing of the Beauty Box Five. The only item from this box I'll really use is the eyeliner, so I feel good about cancelling at this time. Thanks for the fun!

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