Friday, June 13

Bark Box: May 2014

Bark Box is one of my very favorite subscription boxes, they never disappoint! This month Lola received a brand new ball! Now, if you recall, she loves balls. Like really loves them. Fetch is probably her favorite thing (other then peanut butter). Her little blue ball is getting a bit small for her so I was thinking about upgrading to a bigger ball to reduce the risk of choking, so I was really happy to receive this MegaLast Ball!

The ball has all kinds of nooks and cranny's for catching and carrying, but it is a bit big and heavy for throwing inside the house, so this one's going in the outside toys pile.

The next toy is really stinking adorable. It's a corduroy cat in Lolas two favorite colours (lime green and purple of course) and it's both durable (for a soft toy) and snuggly. In fact, the little info card in the box said that when tested among Bark Box dogs, they were just as likely to snuggle it then play with it. I'm really hoping Lola decides to use it as a pillow, until then she's already enjoyed whipping it around by the tail vigorously.  Lola also really enjoyed her Specter toy from last month which was also made by Loopies, so I know it should hold up well!
These natural cookie treats by Max and Ruffy are adorable little biscuits that I call "Lola's Cookies". She really likes them, and they're the perfect size for a little treat.
Lola is also really into these Jerky chews. I was a little concerned when I saw these because of the recent issues with jerky treats from China making dogs sick. I actually threw away a bag of treats a friend gave us last week because they were chicken jerky made in China and I am not into risking my dogs health. That being said, all the info I could find on these No Grainers was good, and they do appear to be made in the USA (as well as all of the ingredients). Lola actually loves them, they smell potent and have the texture of a baked treat. I feel good about all of the products Bark Box has sent me so far, so I'm gonna trust them on the jerky.
Another very successful Bark Box. The ball is one of  Lolas three most favorite toys now (ball, ball and Frisbee of course) so I would call this a major home run!

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