Monday, April 7

Wantable Intimates: March 2014

Well, the subscription box monsoon is dying down and I finally get to share my favorite.

This is my second Wantable Intimates box (see February's box here)  and again, I couldn't be more happy with its contents! I still love Wantables packaging, there's something special about seeing "packed especially for Kaitlyn Petry" and that adorable little band that makes me super excited.

Last month I didn't get any underwear and was a little disappointed (who doesn't love new underwear?) so I was happy to see a couple pairs this month!

First, Betsey Johnson sheer black panties, I was a little incredulous about these when I saw them since they're a bit more juvenile looking then I like, but they fit great and are very comfortable so I've decided I like them fine. ;)
Betsey Johnson sleep top with rhinestones. This pajama top is super super comfy, slinky and soft. Again, the rhinestones seem a bit silly to me, but I guess there's nothing wrong with sparkling while you sleep.
KIBYS thong. This is more like it. I love everything about this and it's super comfy and fits just right.
And lastly, some cute Sock it to Me knee socks in argyle. I don't love these, but they'll look pretty cute with boots so I'm not complaining. Haven't worn them yet. I do feel like the colours might be better for the fall.

I was very happy to receive a variety of things in this box that are very different then what I received last month. I've heard some complaints about getting the same sort of thing month to month but that certainly hasn't been my experience so far and I didn't even go in and change my preferences. I'm stocked about having some new PJ's and underwear for the spring season!

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