Wednesday, April 16

Soccer Portrait

I don't know if its the teasing of spring in the air, the ramping up of wedding plans or just my own laziness, but I haven't been very productive lately when it comes to blog stuff. I haven't taken an outfit photo in weeks and that's probably because I just haven't been inspired by my wardrobe lately. I'm blaming poor Nick because in retaliation against my laziness he threw all of the still clean clothes I own that were sitting on the dresser into the laundry basket. He claims he thought they were dirty and I responded, if they were dirty they would have been on the floor not the dresser. Just a snap shot of real life people.

Anyway, now all of my clothes are in the laundry basket mocking me as I slowly launder the giant backlog of dirties. In the meantime, I have no clean clothes and can't find anything interesting to wear. My uniform has inexplicably become jeans for the first time since college. I'm wearing jeans and a baggy sweatshirt every day which fits very well into a life filled with dog parks and muddy evening walks.

I took these picks at the dogpark on the weekend, we were trying a new place. Lacombe Lake Dog Park in St. Albert. Very different from the winding trail and lush landscape of Hermitage Dog Park, it was more a big giant open space for all of the dogs to mingle and run around. Lola and her sister loved it! We found this little ball in the grass left behind from some other pup and the girls had a blast chasing after it. They made some friends and tired themselves out. We're excited to have a nice park just a little closer to us.

I call these pics Lolas soccer portraits, you know the kind. I thought it was so cute the way she just set her little paw over it. ;) Spoiler, there's no green grass like this in Edmonton yet, but the tan colour of her fur was blending into the dead of last years grass so I did some colour correction. Haha.

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