Tuesday, April 29

Pinata Making

Our pinata! We used this tutorial by Reveiller
This past weekend I had a few lovely ladies over to help with one of my wedding projects (can you believe it's already almost May? Just a little over two months from you know what!).

With their help we managed to complete one and a half pinatas out of three! I couldn't believe  how labour intensive it was to cut and glue all those little fringes. It took us about 4 hours! Thankfully, we had some adorable puppies to keep us company, and Nick was a very good help taking out the puppies and playing with them while we crafted.
Evee has some issues with food aggression, but with an antler for everyone they were very content to hang out and chew. Later they played keep away with the antlers, Evee would take Lolas and then chase her with it and then Lola would try and wrestle it back then chase Evee. Haha, they were happy as long as they took turns.
And some aftermath. Huzzah!

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