Thursday, April 3

Paper Flowers

For my wedding in July my dream plan is to make my own paper flowers for bouquets and decor. I've already purchased a lot of supplies, an e-course and a book on the process but lo and behold I've only succeeded in making one kinda gnarly flower so far. I'm hoping to get more practice in over the next week or so!

In honour of this endeavor I thought I would share some of my favorite paper flower tutorials with you.

First: Giant Paper Flower Pinatas
 I think these are absolutely stunning and would be oh-so- whimsical and fun. They are, however, quite the daunting task to make...

Second: Giant Paper Roses another tutorial here.
I am very much considering some giant paper roses as  bouquet option. Again, I love the whimsy, and hey, it's fairly easy and will last for forever!

Third: Paper Peonies or from coffee filters here.
 Paper peonies are my favorite paper flower I think, they can look very lifelike and beautiful.

And Fourth: Giant standing paper flowers
I've been in love with this tutorial ever since I saw these amazing flowers in the Ruche lookbook years ago. Aren't they stunning?

So what do you think, would you have paper flowers at your wedding? 

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