Tuesday, April 22

Easter Weekend

Ahhh, long weekends.

We started ours on Friday with a visit to my parents new church. They have short little services (at least compared to what I'm used to) so it was a nice change of pace. After that we spent the afternoon hanging out lazily with Lola and Tom, then went over to my parents to work on our taxes. They have a cat of their own and lots of nice furniture so I get a little nervous taking Lola over, but it was good practice and I needn't worry, she always behaves very well. She's just the best around cats, we really lucked out with her, unless it's her brother she mostly ignores them. We enjoyed some pizza, a giant cookie and Anchorman Two after our taxes were done and hurray! Nick and I don't owe the government any money this year!
Fridays snow
Saturday was a total write off and we're OK with that. Haha. The weekend was pretty chilly, snow on the ground and everything. We were happy to hang out inside while it slowly began to melt for good. We watched TV, played games and had a good time hanging out together! Come Sunday we were pleasantly surprised to have all of the snow gone.

Sunday morning we had Easter Brunch at Craft Beer Market with Nicks family. What a spread! We were really impressed by how well done the buffet was, perfectly cooked Eggs Benedict and lovely rare roast beef, I even tried my first oyster (which tastes like a gulp of ocean water, briny and salty).
Tommy's been a sook lately
We went home for a couple of hours and napped off our food comas, then packed up Lola and took her over to my parents again. My dad has a pretty large extended family in town and they all trickled in between 4 and 4:30. We got there closer to 3 to let Lola run around before inundating her with new people, then we put her in her crate downstairs for a nap while we chatted and had dinner. After, I took her out for a play with her ball in the yard and she got all muddy! So I went and gave her a little bath in my pretty Easter dress and then swaddled her in a towel and decided that would be a good time to introduce her to the family. Haha, she was so sweet all curled up in my arms everyone said "come show us your baby". She hung out in the basement during the rest of the night and we played a board game and ate cake. It was a lovely evening. I got to hand out some wedding invitations as well which was awesome! It's hard to believe RSVP's are coming in now, I guess it's really happening! Haha.
Lola on her temporary 'bed' at my parents house
After everyone left Nick and I stayed behind with mum and dad for awhile. Mum and I took Lola for a walk around the neighborhood and she seemed to enjoy that. It was a good weekend, I was happy to get to include my little pup. It's always a bit intimidating putting her in a new situation and having that many people, but she was a champ (a jumpy happy champ).

Edmonton is expecting huge amounts of rain in the later half of this week, something I've been dreading. I have no idea how one is supposed to take their dog outside during stormy weather and heavy rains. People must do it! I'm considering buying her a little rain coat so I don't need to give her a huge bath every time she comes inside. Ya, not looking forward to it. Luckily, today is supposed to be beautiful so we're taking her to the park tonight! Gotta enjoy the sun while it's shining!

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