Friday, April 4

Bark Box: March

 SO, It's true, I'm pretty obsessed with ordering subscription boxes. Of course I'm also obsessed with purchasing things for my pets. In fact, I might go as far as to say that Bark Box is saving me money on impulse treat purchases whenever I walk past a pet store. I've been wanting to try a pet subscription box for awhile and I couldn't be more happy with Bark Box! As you can see, Tommy was a little jealous, but he got to play in the box afterwards so win-win.

The first thing Lola and I recieved was a bag of Baker's Best Wild Pacific treats. Come on, maple glazed salmon with blueberries? I would like some please. Despite sounding too yummy to feed to a dog, Lola loves these and they're the perfect size and have just enough crunch (I guess).

Next, wheat free Twistix dental chews! Lola loves these kinds of things and as of yesterday she's eaten this entire bag! We don't give her rawhide so I'm always looking for alternative chews and these worked very well. I have to say it was strange to open a bag of dog treats and have the scent of bananas waft out at me but she did seem to like them!

The last treat item in the box were these organic dog biscuits by Wagathas. The info card said that the staff at Wagathas eat these biscuits with their coffee in the morning because they're perfectly human safe. Of course I was curious so I took a nibble of one and I can confirm that they taste like slightly bland cookies. ;p Lola loves these too and there's a very generous amount of them so they'll last a long time! They're also, again, the perfect size for her mouth.

My favorite item from the box, and Lolas second favorite, is this Biggie Bone by Safe Made. All Safe Made products are oven safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe which is kinda amazing! They even suggest baking treats directly inside the hollow bone! The bone is made to childrens toy standards so is safe even for children to stick in their mouths. ;) My favorite features are the ridges on the ends of the bone which clean puppys teeth as she chews. Lola loves this new bone and it's held up really well to her vigerous chewing!

The last item was this adorable bacon strip toy by Aussies Naturals. It's a Bark Box exclusive product and it's made of suede leather with bacon flavouring. This is probably lolas favorite item, but I was afraid she would destroy it so I've only been giving it to her for short periods at a time.

Overall I found this box to be very very fun and stuffed to the brim with great items. I'm glad there was a mixture of treats, dental chews and toys instead of being all treats. I haven't calculated the actual value of the box, but I know the Biggie Bone alone sells for almost twenty dollars so I definitely feel like the value is there.

I had so much fun with this box I immediately ordered a Meow Box so Tommy can have a good mail day too. ;) 

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