Wednesday, April 30

Bark Box: April 2014

This is Lola's second Bark Box and we are still really loving the products and product selection. First Look:
Not as many big items it seems, but as I pulled things out I was very pleased with what was in there.
The first thing I unbox is this Bark Worthies junior bully stick. It's labeled as made from beef bladder, which is slightly more appealing then bull penis. I've never given Lola a bully stick before, but I've heard a lot of great things about them. We don't give her rawhide, so this might be a nice alternative.
The second item to come out of the box is this little guy. He's an adorable 'specter'. He's the perfect size for Lolas mouth again, great job Bark Box, and he has a hard tennis ball head so he can be thrown unlike other soft toys. She likes to tug on his legs and fetch it from across the room for us. She already knows the new phrase "where's your monster!" haha. I was a little afraid this guy would be toast before too long, he seems pretty chewable, but he's held up really well. It's been three or four days and no holes yet. She did eat his floppy purple horns right off the back of head however. ;p

I'm super super excited about this little cool treat! It's basically like a freezie that you put in the freezer and then on a hot day you can feed it as a cold snack. We'll be holding onto it until it gets warmer.

These Off Leash Smokey Beef treats are very pungent, haha. They're the size and semi-moist texture of our regular training treats so I think I will incorporate them with our training. I've been carrying a few in my coat pocket for re-call and they're great.
Lola loves peanut butter, it's just about her favorite thing in the world, so of course she loves these peanut butter and molasses treats by Riley's Organics, and I love that they're organic and don't contain any chemicals or ingredients I object to.
And of course Tommy gets the box. Ironically, he fits better into the slightly bigger Bark Box then the Meow Box. ;)
Overall, I'm still very happy with Bark Box and will continue to subscribe. We literally just ran out of a few of the treat packages we got from the last box so this was very welcome. Again, I really appreciate the mixture of treats, toys and chew toys. We are always looking for the next chew toy that will keep this girl busy so I appreciate being able to try new things.

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