Tuesday, March 25

Wantable Makeup Box: March

Last week my Wantable Makeup box arrived for March! I purchased this box as a one time only deal because of how much I loved my February Wantable Intimates box, and the promise of entirely full sized products makes this box really stand out from the competition. 

Here's a first look:
My first impression, to be honest, was that it seemed kinda empty! Yes, I have four full sized products here, and the value is pretty good, but it still felt a little empty to  me, maybe because everything is kinda the same size and there was a lot more room in the box.

Anyway, I also thought that they did a pretty good job matching my profile quiz to products I like. I love the colours here, nice and simple, and all extremely wearable.

The first thing I did was paint my nails, this is what the polish looks like after a single coat:
It becomes more opaque with two coats, but the single coat elevates bare nails a little. I can attest to the fact that this polish is very long wearing!

The eye shadow and and lipstick are  my favorite products from this box, I love the colours! The eye shadow is very neutral and subtle but it also has a nice sheen to it. The lipstick has an orange undertone and is actually perfect on me.
The last product, an eye liner duo with a black inky base liner and a loose glitter which I guess is meant to stick to the liner (?) is not really my cup of tea. I prefer my eyeliner in a pen form or a cream pot. That being said, I think this little duo will be a great addition to my makeup loving sisters birthday present.
And that's all! Here's me showing off my new lipstick and loving it!
All pictures were edited with A Beautiful Mess PS Action: Stella.

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