Monday, March 10

Little Lola (5) - To the Dogs

This past weekend was the best.

Really, I could not have loved it more.

Saturday I was feeling kinda down to start, but then my friend called and invited Lola and I to join her and her pups at the dog park.

At first I was pretty nervous, since Lola has never been before and I've never had her off leash, but within just a few minutes of arriving I realized I had underestimated my little pup once again.
First she showed off her manners by not barking in the parking lot at all the other puppies, and then she kept her attention on me when I put her into a sit and calmed her down before entering the park. I was nervous, so I attached her leash to her harness and let it drag behind her in case I needed to step on the leash, but I needn't have bothered with this precaution. It was helpful though, in identifying where my puppy was. At times, she would be running around me visiting with other dogs and I would catch a glimpse of her black leash dragging in the snow behind her (again, safety first, the leash was attached to a harness so that it couldn't choke her if it got caught on something).

My friends Lab/Husky puppy Eevee.
This weekend Edmonton was blessed with amazing weather, and with the higher temperature came many many puppies to the puppy park! We saw Shepard's, Huskies, Labs, Terriers, Pitties, Collies, Poodles and even a Dane and a Corgi! I was pleased to see that though little Lola was still a bit shy, and that shyness worked to my advantage since she stayed close to me and checked in with me constantly, she also ventured out with her friends and got to experience many new things. I could see her confidence growing!

Being outside and seeing my pup happy really gave me a lift, and that carried over to Sunday as well. I made pancakes, did a bunch of laundry, hung out with a friend, took Lola for a long walk around our neighborhood and even gave her a little bath when she came back from her walk. After her bath she fell asleep all swaddled up in towels and blankets, right in my arms. It was the best day.

There's something just so magical about spring and the thaw that not only melts the snow and ice but softens our hearts and quickens our steps. Spending time outside was very renewing for me, special. I can't wait to spend many many Saturday afternoons at the puppy park with Lola and her pals soaking in the sun and camaraderie that abounds there.
Tommy 'helps' with laundry.
 Lots of puppy love over here. I couldn't be a prouder mama.

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